Make £5 Blossom


“As local business people, we can’t moan about a lack of skilled employees without getting involved in their early development.”
Phil Batty, MD -  Force-7

With the support of Hull Ready, local businesses are being given the chance to invest in the futures of young people - by getting involved with the innovative, ‘Make £5 Blossom’ scheme.

An initial investment of just £150 could have a whole class of eager pupils developing business plans and launching an idea or product. After training, each child will be given £5 and they have to make a profit – paying back their loan in full.

Pupils will decide what they sell, where they sell it and to whom, before checking the profits and presenting their final results.

Business investors will be invited to the presentations, where certificates are awarded for the most successful businesses, as well as the most innovative, creative and hard-working entrepreneurs.

The following short video shows some of the acitvities and excitement the 'Make £5 Blossom' scheme inspires:

Clifton Primary School

This an interactive PDF for the ‘Making £5 Blossom’ project that was delivered at Clifton Primary School with Engaging Education a youth enterprise company that we work with.

When you open the file you need to select ‘yes’ to the Full Screen message to get full value from the interactivity of it. In order to exit the document you need to press Esc – hope you enjoy the read and can see how enterprising our primary school pupils are.

To be successful, the ‘Make £5 Blossom’ scheme needs fresh and enthusiastic support from local business people like you. So, if you would like to help a whole class practice their enterprise skills with a view to raising their career aspirations; please contact Michael Notarantonio the Project Manager on:  (01482) 318327 or email