The Warwick Award For Excellence In Enterprise Education

Thorpepark Primary School

Thorpepark Primary School was the first school to be presented with Warwick Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education following their whole school approach to enterprise and the "enterprising" way that at a range of events  the schools Year 6 children gave an great insight into how the school had made a success of their ‘Blossom Jewellery’ business in partnership with Dorthothy Perkins and Beverley Beads, The team  produced  a fantastic profit of over £700. The enterprising children even topped this by selling a further £85's worrth of jewellery  to delegates at events!


Thorpepark Primary School were presented with the Warwick Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education duruing Global Entreprenurship Week at the Guildhall by Neil Hudgell, the Chairman of Hull Kingston Rovers, and Peter Stagg of the Centre for Education and industry at Warwick University.


Neil Hudgell  said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of Hull Ready and congratulate Thorpepark in achieving the Warwick Award. It is refreshing to see so many local businesses give their time and money so freely in aid of such an innovative programme. This is a great example of what the Hull business community is about, giving something back for the betterment of the children of this city and their personal development.”


Peter Stagg said " I  look forward to working with more schools in Hull to help them follow in Thorpepark’s footsteps and achieve the Excellence in Enterprise Education Award, as I know that many of them are enterprising places"


Nathan Lawler (10), pupil at Thorpepark Primary said  "Before enterprise I would sit in class and I wouldn't do anything but now I regularly use the Big 13 Enterprise Skills. It was my first time in the Guildhall and the atmosphere was 'classic'.  I liked it when myself and Macauley got to go up and do our presentation.  I still can't believe I managed to keep my nerve! Macauley and I both loved taking charge because we got a taste of power.  We loved having the roles reversed! For the t-shirt competition we had to pick the best design from all of the tables.  


Macauley Watts (10), pupil at  Thorpepark Primary " It was great to be the first school to win the Warwick Award and the two hundred and fifty pounds!  Mrs Thurston and the school are really proud of us all. The t-shirt designing was brilliant and we did not cheat just because our teacher was on the winning table! Thank you Mike! We could not have done it with out you.THANK YOU!"


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